About Us

The Mettler Institute for Physical Therapy features an innovative approach to treating musculoskeletal conditions, the Dermo-Myofacial Release® (or DMR). We combine DMR with traditional physical therapy methods, resulting in faster, more complete and longer-lasting recoveries.

Founder Paul R. Mettler, PT, DPT, opened his first physical therapy clinic in Champaign IL in 1990, which eventually expanded to the Mettler Center, a fitness and wellness facility. Dr. Mettler grew his practice by opening a downtown Chicago Loop location in July 2012.

Ultimate Patient Experience

We believe in providing patients with a professional, comprehensive physical therapy experience:

  • We use a combination of approaches
  • We treat all parts of the body
  • We provide private treatment rooms
  • We focus on treatments that support speedy, long-lasting recoveries
  • We use experienced physical therapists providing direct care rather than employing aides

Our patients tell us their Mettler experience is unique and 100% of them would use us again to treat an injury.

Our Unique Approach

With over 20 years of experience as a physical therapist, Dr. Mettler is dedicated to using physical therapy to change the lives of his patients. This drive inspired him to develop the Dermo-Myofascial Release (DMR), a manual physical therapy method that restructures (or releases) the scar tissue that connects injured tissue, without causing further injury.

This innovative technique, which requires great skill to employ, has been successfully used on more than 7,500 patients in the past 15 years. DMR can benefit those newly referred to physical therapy, as well as those with acute or chronic conditions who do not respond to other forms of physical therapy or medical treatments.

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