Introducing the U-Sleep Pillow

Paul Mettler, PT, DPT wasn’t long into his practice of physical therapy before noticing many of his patients’ symptoms—headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, achy or numb arms—were associated with lack of proper support while sleeping. Unable to recommend (in good conscience) a pillow which could adequately support the head, neck and shoulder, Dr. Mettler took to the drawing board.

After years of prototypes, feedback from patients, and refinements, he settled on a pillow design which casts aside the conventional shape in favor of one that fits the contour of the body. What eventually came to be called the Side Solution pillow was used in his clinic for over 20 years, with overwhelming success. More recently, Dr. Mettler revisited and improved upon his original pillow—keeping the important design features and adding a couple more.

Introducing the newest design from Dr. Paul Mettler, the U-Sleep Pillow.

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