Mettler Institute & Edge Athlete Lounge Join Forces

Edge Athletic Lounge logo

Mettler Institute has partnered with Edge Athlete Lounge, a training and recovery studio developed by athletes for athletes, to provide state of the art services and therapy. Edge Athlete Lounge, like the Mettler Institute, is redefining how fast and complete recovery can be.

Since the Mettler Institute was founded, its mission has been to provide innovative and specialized recovery with a determined focus on one-on-one care. Edge Athlete Lounge shares the same philosophy with a passion to provide a complete experience for everyday athletes to reach their peak performance.

Robyn LaLonde, co-owner of Edge Athlete Lounge, states, “Similar to Edge Athlete Lounge, Mettler Institute has a strong focus on athletes — giving them cutting-edge treatments to keep them moving forward. This partnership presents a perfect pairing of combined therapy offerings to the Chicago athletic community — by coupling physical therapy treatment with recovery tools so we have the ability to make faster, stronger athletes who reach goals by training smarter.”

According to Jeff Schroder, Associate Clinical Director at the Mettler Institute, “The Mettler Institute and Edge Athlete Lounge collaboration was a natural blend of similar goals and ideals for athletes. We share the same mission and values to serve the athletic population, with the focus on specialized recovery and physical therapy treatments. Edge owners, Brian and Robyn, had a great vision to serve athletes in a unique and underserved manner. Together with our hands-on approach and experience and their recovery tools and knowledge of what athletes need, we feel this is a great opportunity to help this population reach their goals faster and more energized.”

With this exciting joint effort with Edge Athlete Lounge, the Mettler Institute continues to provide a platform for athletes to advance beyond their expectations for performance by offering complete and longer lasting recoveries.

If you would like to see what Robyn and Brian are doing over at Edge Athlete Lounge, check them out at