Work-Related Injuries

Workers experience pain and dysfunction from adhesions caused by repetitive motion or traumatic work injury. Often, these adhesions do not appear on X-rays or MRIs. Current technology (e.g., MRI, CT scan, X-ray) cannot image adhesive scar tissue since this tissue is much less dense than the tissues that are well imaged such as bones, ligaments, and tendons.

Manual therapies address the full range of treatments required by these types of injuries. MRT is often a critical part of this therapeutic approach as it directly addresses adhesions that frequently develop from the original injury. Relieving the adhesions often dramatically reduces pain.

MRT breaks this cycle by directly addressing the adhesions, increasing circulation and flexibility and restoring optimal function. Relieving the adhesions often dramatically reduces pain and increases mobility.

The combination of the Mettler Release Technique® (MRT) with other medical and physical therapies enables quicker return-to-work and a worker who is more resilient and able to avoid re-injury.