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Digital Health Tech Takes Spotlight at CES 2023

Digital Health Tech Takes Spotlight at CES 2023

Digital overall health and wellness technologies have been attaining reputation considering that the start off of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unsurprisingly, electronic health and fitness was at the forefront of this year’s Customer Electronics Present (CES) in Las Vegas, with notable speakers, bulletins, gatherings, exhibitors, and even a startup pitch levels of competition. 

At House Urinalysis 

Withings' U-Scan
Photo Credit rating: Withings

At CES 2023, Withings declared U-Scan, a pebble-formed gadget that dangles by a toilet bowl to scan users’ urine for biomarkers these types of as hydration and vitamin degrees. It will debut this yr in Europe with two sorts of replaceable consumer wellbeing cartridges professional medical variations will track far more specific health situations in the long term. U-Scan’s chemical assessment of urine is related to a smartphone app that provides recommendations like exercise sessions, dietary improvements, and recipes centered on the check benefits.

Medical Grade Ring

Movano's medical grade Evie Ring
Picture Credit score: Movano

Right after announcing the Movano ring at last year’s CES, healthcare methods company Movano Ring upped the ante this yr with its new intelligent ring, Evie. If cleared by the Food and drug administration, the ring will be the 1st shopper wearable that is also a healthcare system. Evie is specifically intended to give gals a whole photograph of their wellbeing, including resting heart fee, interval and ovulation tracking, rest levels, SpO2 stages, pores and skin temperature variability, and extra. 

The facts is sent by way of a cell application to simplify how data is introduced and convert the data into actionable insights. As Dr. John Mastrototaro, the CEO of Movano Wellness, points out, “We are bringing with each other healthcare-quality biometric data and insights in a comfy and modern day wearable that enables females to take possession of their one of a kind wellbeing journey.” 

Possibly Life-Preserving Selfie

CES 2023 attendee takes a selfie using the Anura health app
CES 2023 attendee can take a selfie using the Anura well being app Image Credit history: James Atoa/UPI

NuraLogix’s Anura app demonstrates the usefulness of a selfie can be with its technology that can examine critical indications utilizing a cell cellphone camera. The app utilizes artificial intelligence to supply about 1,000 diagnostics with a 30-next selfie. The diagnostics consist of heart rate, blood tension, strain levels, blood sugar degrees, and far more. 

At CES 2023, Nuralogix introduced that its contactless blood pressure measurements had been becoming much more accurate, describing the wellness breakthrough as the “Holy Grail” of contactless blood strain measurements. Precisely, the precision corresponds to a regular deviation of mistake of considerably less than 8mmHg.

Wearable Hydration Check

Epicore's Connected Hydration wearable
Picture Credit score: Epicore

Epicore Biosystems unveiled its new Related Hydration sweat patch and cellular app at the 2023 CES. Related Hydration is the initial digital wearable that continuously measures sweat fluid and electrolyte losses although checking skin temperature and movement. To stop hydration, an alarm goes off on the product when wearers’ fluid loss exceeds two per cent of overall body weight.  

According to Epicore, the device is meant for individuals who perform in severe disorders, athletes grappling with intense heat, and folks living by way of significant heat waves. As CEO and co-founder of Epicore Roozbeh Ghaffari clarifies, “The debut of this solution at CES underscores Epicore Biosystems’ ongoing dedication to shaping the potential of noninvasive wearables and equipping industrial personnel with the vital means to adapt in a warming world.”

Amplifying Concealed Voices


Whispp demonstrated its AI-driven good speech amplifier application and engineering at this year’s CES. The company’s cellular app converts whispered speech, vocal twine-impaired speech, and critical stutters into a person’s all-natural voice in real-time. This makes it possible for people to make them selves read any place and everywhere you go whilst sustaining their freedom of movement. As Whispp’s founder and CEO, Joris Castermans, describes, “Our proprietary AI-run speech technology will help make thousands and thousands of folks a lot more at ease and self-assured, and develop a society that is much more inclusive for persons who offer with speech concerns.”

Moveable Virus Detector

Opteev's Virawarn Portable Virus Detector
Image Credit rating: Opteev

Opteev Systems debuted its inexpensive and hassle-free breath analyzer, Virawarn. According to the firm, the compact and reusable system can detect COVID-19, Influenza, and RSV in less than 60 seconds. Virawarn employs a silk-centered biosensor that attracts the electrical discharge of respiratory viruses and an artificial intelligence processor that filters out any opportunity inaccuracies. The unit is at this time beneath evaluation by the Fda.

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